Saturday, September 28, 2013

Are Cell Phone Batteries Toxic And Dangerous- Issues And Precautions

Mobiles are the first requirement of today’s generation. They use to carry it all the time with them. This has to be proved that cell phones are the basic need of human being. But wait... Do you know that cell phones can harm you?

The main part of the cell phone which can harm you the most is BATTERY. Cell phone batteries are toxic and dangerousin some aspects. Here we are giving you some precautions by which you may get rid of from dangerous effect of cell phone batteries.

We are also providing you the issues how the cell phone batteries are harmful to you.


From here you may see how these batteries are dangerousto us. Here are some real parameters:
  • Due to overheating, cell phones can spark a fire. The fragments which are out from the phone due to overheating may cause blast. Try to use legitimate battery for your cell phone.
  • Electric problems may also arise from cell phone batteries. When the cell phone gets in contact with water then it may also short circuit the battery.
  • Due to excessive heat of batteries, a person may burn his body parts.
  • Phone batteries have bacteria in it which may harm you. These bacteria’s infect the body part of users. 
  • Use your mobile phone carefully.
  • Keep away the battery from metal items.
  • Use legitimate batteries in your cell phone.
  • Replace the phone and battery at once if it gets in touch with water.
  • Try to use original batteries for your phone.
  • Proper cleaning of phone and batteries is must at time to time.
  • Avoid wireless charging.
So if you follow the points, the life of your cell phone will increase and you won’t suffer from battery problems.

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