Monday, September 30, 2013

Hanging Problem In Smartphone - Possible Reasons And Solutions

Now, it is the trend to keep Smartphone but there is a drawback of smart phone that is hanging problem.

Mobile phones often get hanged that run with reserved operating systems. This problem is raising cause of overloading on the processor.  Android has swiftly become as one of the most widely used operating system in smart phones. But many problems are there that people have to face:

Possible reasons:
  • Overloading on the processor may cause of slow processing.
  • If you download the heavy application and your mobile RAM is small than the applications do not work properly.
  • If you run multiple applications at the same time your phone will be hanged.
Follow these ways to prevent hanging on your smart phone:
  • If your phone RAM is small then never run heavy application.
  • Never run multiple applications at the same time.
  • Try to not apply needless and heavy themes as it slows the mobile.
  • You should have a good antivirus that keeps your smart phone safe.
  • If you have desire to operate heavy application then you may increase RAM of your smart phone.
  • It is good idea to install the application in the external memory of the smart phone.
  • Many application and tools are available in the market that helps you to manage the phone in much effective manners.
Many Symbian phones face this problem of hanging in between a running application their problem cannot be solved with the above given solutions

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