Thursday, September 26, 2013

How to Keep Your Phone Number Busy, Avoid and Block Unwanted Calls

Today the problem of blank and unwanted callsis increasing day by day. Now you may avoid /block calls by keeping your cell phone busy.

If someone is irritating you on phone and talking rubbish you can know block the calls of that person. Here we are providing you a simple method by which your phone number will go busy and you will get rid of unwanted calls. You may also block unwanted calls by inbound call blocker or you may activate it by your cell phone.

How to Keep Your Phone Number Busy

To keep your cell phone safe from unwanted calls, you may talk to your own mobile company. They will tell you where to register a complaint of those mobile numbers. You may also talk to customer care they will definitely give you a solution.

You may avoid and block unwanted calls by software applications also. Today many applications in the mobile phones are especially developed to get rid of this problem. For example- EASY BUSY. It is an application which is developed by WebGate.

Easy Busy is especially designed to block or avoid unwanted calls. The application will automatically block the unnecessary call (which was put in the black list) through a busy toneand caller will not recognize that the receiver avoids him.

You may also check the status of those unwanted calls time to time from the rejection list. This application is very user friendly. You may use it any time or in any phone.

So use this application in your phone and get rid of unnecessary calls.


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