Wednesday, September 25, 2013

IMEI Number Registration and Importance In India – Reasons

IMEI Number:

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number is a uniquely designed 15 to 17 digit unique code to recognize a mobile device and even for some other devices also. It is generally printed on the back of the phones below the battery.

IMEI can also be put on view on the phones screen by entering *#06#. It is an important tool for the tracking of the phone because there are no two mobile phones in the world containing the same number.

IMEI Number Registration and Importance in India:

IMEI Registration is important due to security reasons of our nation. If, it is not registered on a mobile phone, the tracking of the phone would be impossible and anyone can take advantage of this.

As we know some years ago the Chinese handsets were very easily available in the market without any registration of IMEI number at very low cost. And anyone can buy such Chinese mobile phones and perform several unethical activities with the help of that cell phone and no one was able to catch that person.

This is a not a small issue because it may be used in any big conspiracy against the nation. So for that reason Registration make compulsory for every phone and these Chinese phones were ban in India for the national security.

After this rule all the handsets which were not having the valid IMEI number they were blocked (stop working) under the order of Cellular Operators Association of India and Department of telecom.

So, if you are using a mobile phone then keep its IMEI number safe. It will help you to get back your cell phone if it will misplaces anywhere.

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