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Why Does SMS Have 160 Character Limit Reasons And Best Offers For SMS

SMS as Short Messaging Services is a service by which we communicate with our friends, relatives and many more by doing text messages. We all are familiar with this service but have we even thought that why does SMS have only 160 Characters limit? What are the reasons behind that?

Well don’t need to take pressure on your mind. Here we are giving you the answer of all the above questions. Apart from this we are also providing you the best offers for SMS.

Why Does SMS Have 160 Character Limit? Reasons

Well it’s a very big and interesting story behind the reason. We are telling you the story here for this reason.

Friedhelm Hillebrand, who was the chairman of non voice services committee for GSM group discovered the concept of SMS in 1985. He performed the task of setting the limit of SMS Characters up to 160.

How he did so?

To do this task, he sat at the typewriter and typing some sentences and words. After that he applied the same procedure on a sheet of paper. He saw the average amount of the characters he used.

By doing this he found that every sentence limit was only 160 characters. So he decided to limit the characters of SMS up to 160 characters and he told this fact to his committee members.

Committee Members denied this fact of Friedhelm. They hesitated through the fact that if the characters limit is 160 then there might be some problem in communication. After that the guy again doing some assumptions and research to proved this fact.

Now see what are these assumptions?
  • To prove the fact, he took some postcards that he received and in that he found the same thing. The characters limit in postcard was less than 150 characters. After that he thought to offer 10 characters more to the customers.
  • When he applied the same method for transmission through Telex, he found the same thing. Characters average limit was not greater than 150 characters.   
So, this was the story behind SMS characters limit. What do you think friends? Post your comments below.

Best Offers for SMS

Dear friends! If you want to know about the best offers for SMS then you need to go to the official website of your telecom providers as the plans and packs for the SMS changes regionally and also they are limited to particular time period.

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