Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Best Insurance Policy in India For Senior Citizens and Children

Best Insurance Policy in India for Senior Citizens

Today to be insured for your life through health insurance is very necessary for human being. India this is one of the toughest tasks to get the benefits of health insurance for a senior citizen above 60 in age. Lots of senior citizens left without this precious protection. This is very difficult to find a good health insurance for senior citizens which force them to live without any life insurance.
The good news is that, some companies are providing the health insurance to the senior citizen. Let’s talk about that health insurance which can create a smile of relaxation on their faces.

Varishta Bima from National Insurance

This is a very good health insurance plan for senior citizens. This is one of the few plans which give the health insurance for the age of 70 of maximum 1 lac.

Heart Beat from Max Bupa

Heart Beat from Max Bupa is a health insurance which permits the senior citizen of the age 70 to get the benefits of it. To get the coverage of Rs.2 lacs you have pay Rs.27925 as the premium.

Red Carpet from Star Health

This health insurance plan is the most voted plan by the critics which make it the best health insurance plan ever. The big thing is if a person is 74 years old then he is eligible to get the benefits of this insurance.

These are the best insurance policies for Senior citizen of India. These are the insurance for the senior citizen of the age of above 65 years. 

Best Insurance Policy in India for Children

This is first priority of parents to prepare a stronger way to success and a bright future of their children. This is the responsibility of every parent to be able to fulfill all the needs of their children which are helpful for a bright future. Following are the Insurance policies for children.  

Insurance Company (Plan)
Premium Payment (Rs)
Premium Payment Term
Life Coverage
Maturity Amount (In case insurance was not claimed)
Edelweiss Tokio (Edelweiss Tokio Life Education)
16 Yrs
ICICI Prudential (ICICI Pru SmartKid Regular Premium)
17 Yrs
HDFC Life (HDFC SL Young Star Super Premium)
15 Yrs
HDFC Life (HDFC SL Young star Super II)
15 Yrs

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