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Best Investment Banking Firms In India- Capital Security and Deposit Period

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Investment banking

This is the major field of the investment banking to help the customers to elevate their money in the capital market and also involved in assisting and suggesting on mergers and acquisitions (M. & A.). This may engage subscribing investors to a safety issuance, coordinating with bidders for negotiating with a merger target.

Basically, investment banking is divided into two divisions that are Industry Coverage and product coverage groups. The real purpose of the Industry Coverage groups is on a specific industry which deals in healthcare, public finance (governments), FIG (financial institutions group), industrials, TMT (technology, media, and telecommunication) and it also maintains relationship with corporations within the industry to carry in business for the bank.

An investment banking firm is a kind of a financial institution, which finances major capital requirements of a business enterprise. Below is the List of Top Investment Banking Firms in India. These associations assists governments, company and even individuals in raising possessions by supporting or acting as an agent of client for issuing securities.

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Here are few details regarding these Top Leading Investment Companies in India are as follows:

JP Morgan Chase

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Chase & Co. is one of the oldest financial services contributor firms in the world. It is a major  in financial and the leading advertise capitalization and third major deposit base in U.S. banking institution.  The existence of this investment banking corporation in India provides the clients in the country with a assortment of financial services, which include both specialized local knowledge and headship positions in multiple business lines.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Bank of America is an international financial services and banking company based in the US. Currently it is the Fourth Leading American bank with regards to promote capitalization. Bank of America’s products and services are obtainable in more than countries. Forbes has stated that Bank of America is worldwide the 3rd largest company.

Goldman Sachs Investment Banking  

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Goldman Sachs is an esteemed name in the global investment banking services and head office is located  at New York, it engages in investment banking, securities services, investment management and other economic services mainly with institutional clients.  The firm is eager to develop original strategies and perform them for its valued customers . Besides from collecting funds for the consumers, this leading financial firm is well-known for rendering excellent advisory service on mergers and acquisitions.

Morgan Stanley

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Morgan Stanley is a worldwide financial services provider operating in thirty six  countries around the world. This financial corporation, with its fast rising and long standing existence in the country, put forward an array of services, which are connected to financial investments. This investment banking firm in India is based in New York. The subsidiaries and associate of the corporation provide their services to individuals, financial institutions, governments and corporations.

Citigroup Investment Banking    

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

The Citigroup enjoys about two hundred million consumer accounts in more than hundred  countries of the world. Being initiated in the year 1812 it has come a long way to create its existence felt in the global financial market. Major brands of Citigroup include CitiFinancial, Citi Cards, CitiInsurance, CitiMortgage, Citi Private Bank, CitiCapital, Primerica and Diners Club. Citigroup is one of the most esteemed names in the investment banking industry of world and head office is located at New York City in the USA, it put forward a number of savings banking services to its clients.

Deutsche Bank

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Deutsche Bank was recognized in India in year 1980, this bank is one of the leaders of the global investment banking. With a money-making and strong authorization of private clients, Deutsche Bank provides unique financial services in India as well as all over the world. at present Deutsche Bank India employs more than 4000 thousand people and has various branches in various major cities of India

Credit Suisse Investment Banking

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Credit Suisse was initiated by Alfred Escher in 1856 under the name Schweizerische Kreditanstalt. The bank is structured into three divisions, Investment Banking, Private Banking, and Asset Management.  Shared Services, which comprise functions such as IT, marketing and legal/compliance, encompasses all three major areas.


Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Barclays has over three hundred  years of history. Barclays PLC is positioned as the 25th leading corporation in the world by Forbes Global 2000 (2008 list). It is the second major bank in UK , engaged in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services all over the world.

Wells fargo

Top Investment Banking Firms in India

Wells Fargo is one of the top economic services providers in the US of America. Wells Fargo Investment Banking provides a varied range of investment banking products and services to its customers in the domain of debt capital markets. Head office of Wells Fargo is at San Francisco in California. Wells Fargo has more than six thousand  retail branches with about One hundred sixty thousand employees serving more than twenty three  million people.


Top Investment Banking Firms in India

UBS Institutional Consulting is a business division of UBS Financial Services, Inc., which has been contributing classy and all-inclusive investment optional services to the corporate or institutional clients and office of this company is located in Basel and Zurich, Switzerland.  UBS also has a important presence in the US of America and it has a number of offices situated in diverse parts of the country carries which carries out its operations with the help of a group comprising around Ninety Five institutional investment consultants from all over the United States.

In addition to these top ten companies there is also other top corporation that put forward best service to the investment sector of the country.

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