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Cancellation Of Flight Ticket- Online Details For Reschedule And Refund

Cancellation Of Flight Ticket

Cancellation Of Flight Ticket: You have booked a flight and can't use your ticket? It is important to know, that you can't necessarily cancel your booking in any case. If you can cancel your booking and which conditions apply, often need some research. The Cancellation of a Flight Ticket is not a critical issue today. The Online facility to cancel a Flight ticket is becoming much easier as it may be. You can cancel or Reschedule you Flight ticket with attractive Refund facility. A cancellation occurs when the airline does not operate the flight at all for a certain reason.

Cancellation Of Flight Ticket

According to airline, the cancellation charges for the domestic flights have been revised to Rs 1,800 as against Rs 1,500 earlier while the cancellation fee for the international flights now stands at Rs 2,250. A person cancelling 2-7 days earlier will have to shell out Rs 2,000, and a person who opts out 7-30 days before will have to pay Rs 1,500. Only customers who cancel 30 days or before, are charged Rs 1,250, 20 per cent lower than earlier. Customers who cancel less than 2 hours before departure won't get any refund.

Cancellation of Flight ticket:

Cancellation Of Flight Ticket

A Flight ticket can be cancelled if the Flight time is of more than 48 hours. In Case the Flight is about to depart within the 48 hours then you have to immediately provide the cancellation reference number after that  the Refund process will done.

In the case of paper ticket the Flight should be scheduled to depart within the 72 hours and the original ticket should be submitted to process the Refunds.

Online Details for Reschedule and Refund:

The process of Refunds gets done within the 15 days from the date of receipt of the confirmation for cancelling the Flight ticket. In the case of E ticket a cancellation e-mail should be sent and if you want to cancel a paper ticket then you should courier for the same.

When the Refund will be processed you will receive a confirmation SMS for it. So, please ensure that the Phone Number and E-mail ID which you are providing must be running.

Refund process for E-ticket:

If the Flight departure is within the next 48 hours then you will have to call the respective Airline to cancel the Flight ticket and obtain the cancellation reference number. You have to mail all the details by filling the cancellation form. You can submit a ticket for refund, which is either partially utilized or totally unutilized, within one year after expiry of the validity of the ticket.

Online Details for Reschedule:

Sometimes due to some circumstances we have to change our Flight schedule. The process to change the date of your reservation is easy and quick these days. You can reschedule your journey with paying the Airline Date Change Fee. Fee charges may be different depending upon the airline companies.

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