Wednesday, December 11, 2013

How Can I Wire My Money Globally - Simple Steps For Money Transaction

Today you don’t have to wait for many days for wire your money globally. Though money online is fast and easy. And in order to have secured transactions online banks have introduced IFSC codes too. And it is mandatory to know the IFSC code of the account holder than only the online transactions will be done.

There are two options to wire your funds globally i.e.
  • Bank to Bank
  • Retail outlets (Cash offices)
Before transferring your funds through mode you need to verify how much fund you have in your account.
The following are the simple steps to be followed while transferring money globally:

Bank to Bank
  • Firstly, get you registered and if you already have a profile then you need to login your profile.
  • Choose the currency of money.
  • Enter the mail address of the recipients.
  • There is a column given for additional information, try to fill the column with the purpose of sending funds or any other related information.
  • After press enter on the send option, within a minute the notification will be sent to the recipients for confirmation.
Retail Outlets
  • Again for this you must check your funds available in the account.
  • You can directly approach the office or make call or can visit their official website to avail the service.
  • Then you need to give all the required information or details related to the recipients. And then you will be given a code by the company, that code you will have to give to the recipient, after presenting the code along with an ID proof to the company he will receive the payment along.
Sending money online is the secure payment system. In three days your money will be transferred and if the bank branch is same than within 24 hours the transaction will takes place.

This is the global solution and you can transfer your funds to anyone around the globe. This service is provided 24/7/365 days.   

The transaction charges vary from bank to bank and fees charged depends in which country you are transferring funds.

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