Privacy Policy

We take our visitors privacy on main concern. At this juncture we only gather that information which is supportive for us, to identify which info is important and useful to our users. Any recorded IP addresses are not connected to individually identifiable information.

Here on this website entire content is totally written by our team of Customer-carenumber.jeetaapki.com and which is not copied from any other websites. 

We try to provide you complete information for which we also used the some other websites link to help user for entire information. But we are not responsible for the privacy policies on these websites it may be differ from us. If any user wants more details about these websites privacy policy he/she can visit their privacy policy page.

The website is linked with a third party advertising company to put ads on the web space. There is no other website permitted to use the website content which is not having the permission of the Customer-carenumber.jeetaapki.com owner.

The provided information on this website may changes at any time, as per the organization rules and regulations. 

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